Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects

School of Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects

Diploma  in Animation & Visual Effects (240 Hours)

The fundamentals are promising. The energy and vitality in India’s creative community reassures all of us of the future prosperity. Now is the time to leverage it all. Take the plunge. Enroll in a Dream Zone’s certificate, diploma, and master diploma courses in any of the following domains that are close to your heart.

Visual Effects – a subject that every avid filmgoer feels fascinated with. This stream is all about manipulating reality. We teach you the art of combining live- action footage with generated imagery to create a separate environment that exists only in the imagination – and would be impossible to recreate in actual conditions.


We welcome you to create characters that stand the test of time and draw in crowds. If you think you have that spark in you, we can help you take it further. We begin with simple lines, with sketching, and then move on to more complex functions. We ensure that your focus firmly remains in visualization


  • Computer Aided 3D Modelling
  • Post Production Concepts
  • Editing 
  • Compositing


10th/12th/Any degree pass is desirable. However, anyone who is interested in creative design can take up this course.


The basic kit consisting of drawing equipment and supplies helps the students to carry out the studio works efficiently.

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